Navigating Skyrim

Thunderbolt: Given the topography of Skyrim, it’d be nearly impossible for it to replicate the line-of-sight navigation that Fallout 3 enjoyed – you could argue large parts of Skyrim are wasteland-like, but it is not a ‘wasteland’ in the Fallout sense of the word. Skyrim is a vast domain, separated by mountains, forests and other large obstructions. By this token, it’s the rare moment when you’ve happened upon a location that gives you a free range of vision in all directions – something that nearly every location in Fallout 3 provided, save for the DC ruins. And even if you do find a lookout, or you’re situated in the center of one of Skyrim’s planar regions, many of the locales fail to stand out quite like they do in Fallout 3.

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