Dark Sector Developer Walkthrough

Dark Sector developer walk through commentary videos.

Parts 1-3

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TeaDouble_E3905d ago

This game looks bad @ss !

Skerj3905d ago

Had very low hopes for this game, but it's looking pretty decent. They aped the hell out of RE4 though.

Laexerias3905d ago

For me the game was from the beginning a great hope, and now i can see, its great, like i thought. B)

DEADEND3905d ago

I really want this game, it mixes GEARS OF WAR, ZELDA, RESIDENT EVIL, AND BIOSHOCK game elements all in one game. I have a feeling this game is going to be a sleeper hit next year. The reason why I want it is because there's nothing like it on the PS3, I just hope that I have the money for it when it comes out.

Gamingisfornerds3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I didn't have high hopes for this game and still don't think it's all that amazing. It does look decent enough.

The shooting mechanics actually look pretty good, but then he gets the Glaive and all just falls apart. It's supposed to be the interesting 'hook' of this game but it actually takes away of the pacing with the lame puzzles and slow-mo kills. It just doesn't seem all that fun or satisfying as the shooting mechanics, and that isn't a good sign obviously. Animations are too clunky, especially of the enemies and the enviroments are as generic as they come.

Still, the shooting mechanics do look solid and maybe some of the puzzle solving elements and general use of the glaive will get more interesting later on. Boss fights could be pretty interesting as well.

The game doesn't look bad by all means, but this day and age it will have to offer a bit more to stand out among the slew of other generic shooters.

r3xmund13905d ago

Well Gamingisfornerds... i disagree wholeheartedly, both with your assesment and your rather generalised nick. I think this game has very good pedigree and should be a bit of a Dark Horse :) Other than that i am just miffed that its on the x360 as a show piece cos it seems that yet agaun the PS3 will just get a port and not a primary base title.

It will probably be ok but judging by AC's standards i hope its a decent port!

Whatever happens I'll just get the better version

Gamingisfornerds3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Though, what exactly do you mean with "generalised nick"?

All I've done is given some pretty in depth and well-constructed criticism (if I say so myself). How is that generalizing?

Now if I would've said:

"Meh, GeOW rip-off!"

I could see where you're coming from. ;)

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