Voltage Trailer via IGN

Hop behind the wheel of these futuristic racers and check out the trailer for Voltage on the PS3.

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Sevir043936d ago

in all honesty that looks hot. and it's a Ps3 exclusive... i didn't even know this game existed till this trailer. autumn 2008, hmmmm while i dont like to hype anything beyond the king of futuristic racers (wipeout) i gotta say this looks cool. and should do pretty good in holding over till the disc based wipe out hits early 2009, and i'll be all over wipeout HD in early 2008.

Darkiewonder3936d ago

First time I ever heard anything about this.

It's like. Futuristic racing games are slowly emerging.


White-Sharingan3936d ago

Nothing can beat Wipeout

hopefully it doesnt turn into a Fatal Inertia, lol!

anyways the more the merrier then

solidt123936d ago

looks pretty good. Futuristic NASCAR racing for 2062

AznSniper3936d ago

Actually, it is also for PC and Xbox 360 so tough luck. Anyways, I just think that this is another Wipeout rip-off just like Fatal Inertia. I want to see the full fledged PS3 installment of Wipeout that was announced a while back.

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