Game Informer - The Super Violent Love Story Of The Darkness Continues, Now In Color

Game Informer - In the two years since the end of the first Darkness, Jackie Estacado has been holding off on using his demonic abilities, not allowing himself to succumb to its addictive power. That all changes when a car comes barreling through his restaurant, killing his two dinner guests and mangling his leg seemingly beyond repair. This is how The Darkness 2 begins, and much like its predecessor, it effectively starts the game off with a very exciting bang. Out of the chaos of the car flying through the wall, one of your men approaches you and offers to carry you out of the restaurant, but you will have to do the shooting because he can’t do both. As Jackie, you are pulled through your restaurant, gun in hand, picking off the mysterious villains who decided that the best projectile to try to kill you with was a car.

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Goozex2375d ago

First in line on my goozex acct.! Really looking forward to this one but I was a little turned off in the direction they r heading with the cell shading. But, since there is Galore gore I am awaiting impatiently.