Naughty Dog to "change the industry" with The Last Of Us

Edge - Studio seeks to "raise the bar" of videogame storytelling, but feels it doesn't get enough credit for strength of core mechanics.

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DonaldBeck2044d ago

they have with uncharted, they will with this game.

ps3dude442044d ago

Well Said +

Naughty Dog crafted the best game i have ever played in my entire life with uncharted 2 and i cannot see how the last of us will be nothing short of breathtaking!

come on now...ITS NAUGHTY DOG! uncharted 2...anyone?

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nix2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

well.. when Uncharted came out everyone complained how it was a ballant rip-off from Tomb Raiders and Gears... then came out UC2 and everyone celebrated.

i have faith in ND after what they've done with UC franchise. i think it's one of the most respected series in gaming already. i do think that ND can do the same with LoU.

all the best, ND.

Edit: what i find amusing is that some people are still pissed that UC series made a mark in gaming industry and set the bar so high only the best can cross it. what UC brought was a mix of quality in storytelling and gameplay. it was a pure hollywood blockbuster series.

what UC did is probably going to also influence the games you play... make them better. give credit where it's due. we're all here because we're gamers.

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Papertiger2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

blaaah, the term "changed the industry" is a subjective term. You may believe that it hasn't done a thing, others will.

One fact remains that you must understand, now this may hurt your feelings seeing that you're so quick to throw the "sony fanboy!! Delusion!! foolery!!" card.

Uncharted 2 was universally praised as a title and it brought forth a high level of polish and detail when it comes to third person adventures. It did so well that other gaming compainies have used it as inspiration. From the guys who are creating bioshock infinite, to the the fools at Ninja Theory with Enslaved.

Now to YOU that might not seem much or you may not hold it to the same level as others. That's fine, but to sit there and try to bash others for their belief of what Uncharted 2 was is ridiculous and you sound fucking retarded for doing such. You need to really grow up.

Craftiii42043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )


Thats not being a fanboy, at no point do i see him saying anything against any other consoles? Are you denying him the right to state his opinion? No one else had even brought Sony, or Microsoft into the conversation. You how ever attempted to start a flame war from nothing. So get your ass out of n4g and learn how to respect peoples opinions.

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Imalwaysright2044d ago

LOL the last game that really changed the industry was GTA3. Uncharted is a great game but it didnt change anything.

Heartnet2044d ago

Changed the quality of games some people expect from a developer tbh :)

baodeus2043d ago


so other games don't have quality? Like example: skyrim, RDR, Bioshock, Portal, GTA4, Assassin Creed, Gears, Batman AC, etc....and even some last gen games like MGS4, Halo, GoW, C:LOS, etc...?

What would u define quality?

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Ser2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )


Uncharted 2 changed a LOT of things. If you don't think so, you weren't playing enough games post-Uncharted 2.

The cinematics/gameplay hybrid scenes have been copied over several dozen times in the industry since U2.

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TheLog2044d ago

Yup they set the bar so high for the shortest SP campaign ever. Its true, check it out yourselves, if you have not. Hope ND will use sony blu ray power to make TLOU last much much longer.

Sevir2044d ago

this troll doesn't have a bridge to go back under!

Karum2043d ago

I think you're getting confused with Call of Duty 18 or whatever number the last COD game was lol.

Craftiii42043d ago

If you did skyrim main quest (no side missions) it takes a shorter time than completing UC3. (no i am not dissing skyrim, <3 the game)

Besides, most people go through and get the treasuers etc.

Craftiii42043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

For some reason that double posted...

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erathaol2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Am I in the wrong in feeling uncomfortable in hyping this game any further? I feel that all the attention focused on this title will end up spoiling the story.

Karum2043d ago

Nah not really.

Here's how I'm treating it though. I know Naughty Dog are an excellent developer based on their past work and I have faith in them to make a great game. I'll read some articles and watch some videos but I'm not going to allow myself to get hyped up to all hell over it.

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h311rais3r2043d ago

What exactly did uncharted change? It's good but people on this site hold it way too high. The story is great but the gameplay is exactly like every other tps out there but the gun mechanics are aweful. Here comes the flame brigade cuz I spoke against "naughty gods". Gimme a break..........

N4Flamers2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I agree with you. I did enjoy the story in the first 2 uncharted games but I dont feel like it was anything revolutionary. That doesnt mean they were bad games by any means they were excellent and enjoyable.

I dont think that they can really revolutionize with the last of us either. It can still be an enjoyable game, but it's not like I havent seen emotional games before. I will most likely buy it because I love niche tittles like catherine, SOTC, and heavy rain. I just hope its not a giant escort mission.

Megaman_nerd2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Story-telling. And is not just N4G who holds the game too high but the industry too.

Karum2043d ago

What they changed is how you can tell a story in a video game. The term has been used by the PR folks and may sound cheesy but for me it is true, they've proven that you can make an amazing game that flows just like an awesome blockbuster movie with awesome action, scenery even down to amazing acting with the way they go about making the game.

For me that is what they have changed, or at the very least it's something new they have brought to the table surely.

At the end of the day though all I care about is that I loved the Uncharted games and I'm looking forward to having a go at The Last of Us with the hope I enjoy it nearly as much as Uncharted.

Trainz2043d ago

Mama Mia that's one big overstatement!

Consoldtobots2043d ago

@ blaaah

it's human behavior that's broken and no website will fix that so stop complaining about "broken website". It makes you sound silly and immature.

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Bundi2044d ago

Oh brother! What alot of hot air

ThichQuangDuck2044d ago

We are not going to assign his comments worthiness by bubbles. Because I agree, I will not hype a game just based on its trailer and who is making it, I am interested in the Last of Us and I do not own a PS3. I am also interested in the Last Guardian and will definitely get a PS3 for it. But to say it will change the industry based on the fact that it is a zombie game with a deep story is a little much, I believe it will be refreshing in the Zombie genre. Do not criticize him because he has a different standard for how he hypes games. I am not that hyped for Halo 4 til I see gameplay and I would post the same thing if someone stated that Halo 4 was going to change the industry.

ronin4life2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

If you are fighting crazy acting human shaped creatures throught a games entirety, and these creatures are a central focus, it is a zombie game.
Also, I agree with thich's sentiment. This is over hyped for what it is currently : a trailer from a high profile gamer.
If naughty dog wants gamers to take the game half of their products seriously over the cinematic aspects, then they shouldn't focus so much on the cinematics and reveal their games with actual gameplay info.

tiffac0082043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Not when the poster is known for trolling In most Sony articles, even the positive ones. Just check most of the detractors history and you will see. Sadly, not everyone is here just to post their opinion without any hidden agendas.

As for the article, they can say what they want for ads and PR, we can all give our proper 2 cents when the game is out