Man Behind the Music of COD4 and BioShock, Keith Arem Interview had the chance to talk to Keith Arem of PCB Productions. PCB is responsible for the music and sound from many popular games like BioShock, Call of Duty series, Tony Hawk and Ghost Recon to just name a few. Chances are this company is behind the game you love.

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Saint Sony3874d ago

Nice read, I hope there would be more often about the music/sounds in games in general, just because in most of the todays games the music/sounds makes at least half of the mood and atmosphere.

Game without proper sounds and music usually sucks big time or lacks the mood.

Winter47th3874d ago

I thought COD4 was composed by the legendary Harry Gregson-Williams..

Anyway, Harry, Jesper Kyd and Akira Yamaoka are the only ones i give a crap about.