Tech-Gaming | Choplifter HD (Two Man Review)

While Choplifter HD may not be as radiant of a revival as Metroid: Zero Mission or Bionic Commando Rearmed, the title does offer a respectable update to the beloved Apple II classic. For anyone that grew up thanklessly whisking hostages from an intensifying battleground, the game is capable of rekindling those halcyon days, albeit with a handful of superfluous modifications.

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RaptorMan2382d ago

Not as good as MTV's title, "I spent a couple of hours playing Choplifter HD". That's really epic

sharpsword2382d ago

Seems like this is getting either kickass reviews or average scores.

deserteaglexix2382d ago

BTW- There's two reviews from separate writers. "Two Man Review" isn't the site name.

madmad2382d ago

Man, this game brings back memories!

mediastudies2382d ago

demo was good but not great.

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