Marvel Universe Online's Cryptic Studios Closes Forums and Blogs

There continues to be some strange happenings over at former City of Heroes (and Villains) developer Cryptic Studios. After 1UP broke word the Microsoft, Marvel and Cryptic collaboration, Marvel Universe Online for Xbox 360 and PC, was in danger of complete cancellation (with neither party willing to state otherwise,) comes some bizarre changes over at the studio's website. As of late last week, Cryptic has closed down both their developer blog and their message boards.

The official Cryptic Studios forums have the announcement, and 1UP has more speculation.

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Bladestar3905d ago

Here is their announcement..

"As work on Cryptic Studios' upcoming projects progresses, we have reached a point where we must focus all of our energies toward ensuring that our presentations of those projects are the absolute best work we can do.

So effective today, we are closing the Cryptic Studios forums and blog.

We're excited about what Cryptic Studios has planned for next year and beyond, but we need to give those plans our undivided attention. There are some great things coming, and we can't wait to tell you about them!

We realize that our presence has been missed on the blog and forums, and we apologize. We have been paying attention though, and your feedback and suggestions have been noted!

Everyone at Cryptic Studios would like to thank you for your support and participation. We will be releasing more information about our projects in the coming months, so please keep checking for information. "

I don't blame them.. they were getting spammed by Sony fanboys all day long... I would close the forums too and concentrate on the game.