Trends for the Video Game Industry in 2012

With the start of 2012, there are some strong trends that are changing the video game industry in a big way. A Digital Dreamer takes a look at some of them and what to expect.

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darthv722325d ago

is something that has exploded over the last several years thanks to simplistic offerings from the wii and smartphone/tablet. To condemn them to not counting towards the bigger picture because they arent 'core' is crazy.

We all had to start somewhere. Be it on pong or tetris or street fighter we all have our humble beginnings in gaming. Phones werent ever a place to play games on because they were a phone. To see the evolution of the smartphone is like seeing the evolution of the game console in general.

From the 2600 days to the ps3 the games have gotten better just as the early games on cell phones are getting better to what are out now. There is only one way to go up this evolutionary ladder. I do believe a dedicated device is better than a multipurpose one but that doesnt mean the multipurpose ones dont deserve their respect in trying to aspire to be equal to the dedicated ones.

Even sony and nintendo know that more than just games are offered by these tablets/phones which is why they add in smartphone/tablet features to their own devices. It represents a shift to a convenience that a dedicated gaming device cant offer.