Origin is required for all PC editions of Mass Effect 3

GB : It looks like EA won’t be putting Mass Effect 3 on Steam, just like they did with Battlefield 3, as it is Origin only. Origin is EA’s new Digital Distribution service for the PC platform.

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a_bro2325d ago

lets be honest here. they're going to do this on all EA PC games.

zeal0us2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

We all knew this was coming. Better get use to seeing Origin if you plan on buying any future titles publish by EA in the future.

Its feels/seems better than G4WL but not as good as Steam, to me.

hiredhelp2325d ago

Yeh i agree origin is solid program but it is EA only (at the moment) as they were saying about others joining in this year.
Weather that be the case i dont know its no steam thats for sure but steam got years under its belt.
One thing EA needs to do is put on most of its libary of games on origin.

just_looken2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

sorry but i rather trust valve program's on my $800+ pc rig sense they treat customers right have cheap sometimes free games and dont set off malware program's. ea would sell there family hell kill there loved one if it ment more $ or gave a business gain dont you guys remember what they did to soprts games/famous dev's like pandemic hell they screwed the new starwars mmo forceing origin(bad sales) OH and they were the first to have console online passes.

also they shutdown servers every year reuse ingame sprits copy paste same games (ead dev made games) i could go on and on.


RankFTW2325d ago

The only problem I have with Origin right now is the lack of achievement support, but that is meant to be coming in the future.

gamingdroid2325d ago

G4WL is pretty atrocious. Origin isn't much better. Steam by far is the best not only in use, but also from consumer friendliness.

You can rest assured Steam wont' try to do what Origin does, which is:

* delete your account if you happen to be inactive
* spy on you
* BAN you from ALL YORU GAMES if you happen to voice your opinion that the company doesn't like

AKS2325d ago

Damn, this is a tough spot. I dislike Origin and am weary of what is to come if it becomes more prominent, but on the other hand I'd have a hard time passing up Bioware's games. Ditto for DICE's games.

da_2pacalypse2324d ago

No thanks. I'd rather pirate than buy off of a garbage game client like Origin. Gabe Newell has my loyalty. YOU CAN SUCK ON THAT EA!

multipayer2324d ago

All these 3rd parties with their own agenda is ruining PC gaming, at least making it a complete mess of passwords and usernames. I guess it is not so bad if origin brought all of EAs games to PC, but the horrors if they became more successful than steam are too great. I'd much rather have a dictatorship lead by Valve or Microsoft, at least they have some seniority and aren't known for constantly screwing up gaming.

stevenhiggster2324d ago


THQ games are now available on Origin too and more will follow if it gets big.

I don't really mind Origin it does a few things better than Steam imho. Like install location can be changed for a start! It downloads and installs all in one swoop, no need for a million VCredist packages either like Steam plus a few other things. But on the whole Steam, for now, is still a better service.

So I do think it has promise but at the moment the prices are too high and there isn't enough choice.

MAJ0R2324d ago

good thing nearly everything Bioware makes now has been complete crap (DA2 specifically), so no need for me to run out and buy Origin games

SilentNegotiator2324d ago

I'd really rather not "get used to" having my PC data taken by EA, have more junkware on my computer, and risk losing my games for talking on their forums.

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Christopher2325d ago

So, how is Origin for those that have used it?

rawrockkillz2325d ago

I just use it for Battlefield 3 and it's ok.

KeiserSosay47882325d ago

It's just "OK"...that's it. I was pretty mad though when I realized that you don't need origin (technically) to run BF3 AT ALL. You can just go to battlelog and launch BF3 that way, but Origin starts up for literally NO reason. In fact, your friends list, chat, and everything are separated between Origin and BattleLog. It's so obvious what they are doing. But, I'll eat it for a good game or two. Still sucks, imo...

RumbleFish2325d ago

As a distribution service it is pretty poor compared to steam.

The Battlelog and the integrated chat and friendlist and partysystem are great imo, but that has nothing to do with origin.

So at this point (origin is claimed to be beta) origin is useless. But it's OK. That's right. ;)

pandehz2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Nah Origin launches when u play BF3 through Battlelog coz it has to synch saved games and settings. Even if u had chosen to sync to cloud it still needs to check that with origin.

Makes sense that origin does that but battlelog doesnt. Difference is steam games with multiplayer generally had server lists in the game itself , now theres Battlelog.

I like battlelog a lot and I dont mind Origin at all. I wish they would make Origin as good as battlelog. Will change in time. I remember using steam yrs ago, I thought it was a pile of unoptimized and buggy crap. This is going through the same phases it seems.

@ninjahunter below: yea the cd key thing is great. I got all my ea games into it. Some like Crysis 1, Warhead and DAO 1 wasnt going through but customer service said key was valid so they added all of them to my origin games.

limewax2325d ago

Either way I still play Bf3 a lot less than I would if I didn't need to have origin. And to be honest it doesn't have long before it gets deleted. I don't have a great deal of room on my C drive as it is and that program really isnt helping

ninjahunter2325d ago

Eh, pretty much just like steam, Much more clean cut, one click and your done type of experience. Not many games though.

The Only thing i would say that its got over steam is that you can enter the CD key of any of your EA games and it will give you the digital copy. Like if you have Crysis 2 on steam then you can enter your CD key on origin and it will give you the copy on origin as well.

arnyftw2325d ago

For some reason I've never been able to log in to it. The only way I've been able to log in is through Battlelog.

Julie2325d ago

Well i bought 3200 Bioware points from that store 2 days ago and i have yet to see them or a mail or anything :(

ginsunuva2325d ago

Why would you buy 3200 Bioware point? And what the hell is a Bioware point?

Julie2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

@ginsunuva: those points are for DLC each 1600 points are 20$ and i had to buy 2 packs of points because ... well there is no other option , there is only a pack for 800 points and 1600 points a lot of money wasted :(

And i have no idea if they will give me the points because i have no notification or anything, i just have my bank receipt but noting "nada" from bioware or Origins or meh i want to kill myself :(

If you se their forums here:

You can witness the madness, i really don't recommend that service to anyone, Steam on the other hand is awesome.

Pandamobile2324d ago

It's not bad. But had doesn't really have any redeeming features. It just does.

Julie2324d ago

Man Panda i really want my points from that store , have you bought points from there? i have no mail or notification i feel so scammed :(

Julie2324d ago

Lol from the Origins store!!! bioware points! D:

Lol i believe i am the only idiot who bought those :p

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Godmars2902325d ago

*I hear a noise as if a million PC-gamers cried out all at once "F***-YOU!!!!*

Julie2324d ago

I agree man i agree , Origins is worse than a nightmare, god why won't they use Steam. Origins is err , you just put yer credit card numbers on a shaddy website and then you hit purchase and then........ THAT nothing happens you pay your money and you get no notification no nothing!!!!! just yer bank telling you you purchased a stuff!!! 3 days here and i have yet to recieve my stuff or a MAIL not even a mail!!!

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