Where Will The Next Elder Scrolls Game Take Place?

It will be hard for Bethesda to decide where the next Elder Scrolls game will take place, but there's one choice that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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Valenka2258d ago

Good, good question. I wonder...but I'm hoping for Valenwood.

ljh2172257d ago

I think summerset isle makes more sense at the moment. It would be interesting to see the Aldmeri Dominion side of things. It's a stab in the dark though, with Elder Scrolls games sometimes being set quite far apart in time.

MagicAccent2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

The Elder Scrolls VI: N4G...

"Good news everyone! I just killed the flame troll!"

"bubble up dude!"

"Check out theze instanely cheap pants prizes at my store! only 29.99 septims!"
"Stop, criminal scum! No lollygagging!"

"I thought that elf from the Nintendo village was going to hunt the troll?"
"Nah, he wasn't powerful enough."
"Ever noticed that only old people and kids live there? Anyways, let's get lunch"

killcycle2256d ago

I'd like to go back to Oblivion and see what the Capital looks like again after all these years but that's just me.

ItsMeAgain2257d ago

The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr... nuff said!

soundslike2257d ago

I would agree for the scenery

but the name is seriously in need of a change. Elsweyr? Really?

I come from elsewhere...

They have to be kicking themselves for not renaming that before it was cemented into the lore. If theres a game set in Elsweyr, theres no way it will be named by the region its set in.

Saladfax2257d ago

This'd be one of those times when I'd say a retcon wouldn't be the worst idea. Elseweyr... urgh. I'm fine with attempts at cleverness, as long as it's subtle =\

MAJ0R2256d ago

maybe they should consult Naughty Dog for their sand technology

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SilentNegotiator2257d ago

Just combine Valenwood and Elsweyr. With Valenwood being a willing part of the Aldmeri Domion and a possibility of Elsweyr having a conflict of tradition vs the Aldmeri Domion, it could make an interesting story. Plus, together, they're like the size of Cyrodiil.

Valenka2256d ago

Yes! Excellent point, SN. The Khajiit will definitely be against the Aldmeri Dominion.

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Colwyn2258d ago

well skyrim took a lot of people to glitchville so the next place is anyones guess

Bundi2257d ago

Must have been one of those zones that were exclusive to the ps3, lucky bugger.

Bioshocking2257d ago

I might own a PS3, and am pissed of at the quality of the game...

Your comment made me laugh...


Tainted Gene2257d ago

lol, that gave me a chuckle.

Baka-akaB2257d ago

I think we need another refreshed look at places explored before Morrowind and Oblivion .

That or a rather intense trip linking Valenwood, elsweyr and blackMarsh (and maybe even summerset) ... otherwise those locations seems boring and not diverse enough on their own

Also the easiest way to explore the aldmeri dominion lands through a game , could be to set the story during or at the start of the great . Providing also access to invaded hammerfell and other imperial lands

Fylus2257d ago

Well all over the ES forums, there were A LOT of people that predicted the Summerset Isles to be the game after Oblivion (LONG before anyone knew anything of Skyrim). I'd bet that the Summerset Isles will play a bigger role in the next game considering how much mystery there is about it. There would be so many magical (literally) places there to explore.

DanSolo2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Well although it would be an option to do one of the places that have not been done before, I think it's also a very reasonable choice to go back to earlier places...

A lot of new players have started with Skyrim, and others Started on Oblivion... and a large part of the fanbase, myself included, started with Morrowind so any earlier places like Hammerfell would be new territory to a lot of us, and as it was a while back I'm sure most old time Elder Scrolls veterans would be fine with a return there as well.

To be honest they could probably even get away with doing a new game in Morrowind for the same reason as above, lot's of new players have never experienced it and the ones that did always say it was better than Oblivion ect.... so with a big overhaul it could easily be done!

@ABOVE: Baka
That option would make sense to link up some of the other places, as that would fix the issue of each place being too samey.

Drake1172257d ago

I think that morrowind actually has a huge chance of being an expac or DLC as they now call it for Skyrim. Im guessing its now a much smaller province after Red Mountain erupted and i think that the argonians in black marsh might have even taken over some southern parts also decreasing its size lol. Perfect xpac size.

Takoulya2257d ago

Unfortunately, I've read that Bethesda is not planning on different areas of Tamriel for DLC.

Drake1172257d ago

bah good god i hope thats not true lol

adamant7152257d ago

Probably outside of Tamriel. There must be other places, right?

pr0digyZA2257d ago

Yes in the elder-scrolls lore there are other continents.