International CES 2012: Hands on with the Wii U, PlayStation Vita and More |

Fanbolt writes: "I certainly checked out a lot of booths and there were more than enough cool things to see. However, my focus was on my first objective which was gaming."

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ATi_Elite2323d ago

Razers laptop is very nice and i love the secondary screen BUT....

it's GPU is weak and the price is too much compared to more powerful and capable laptops.

Lower the price and put a more powerful GPU in it and i'll buy one.

also i think the Wii U GPU is comparable to a HD4800 so expect some nice 1080p graphics w/ AA from the Wii U

MasterCornholio2323d ago

I still have my doubts on the WiiU it's something that I have to try in person before buying it. Also I wonder if it's better to wait for Sony and Microsoft to announce their next gen consoles because knowing Nintendo those consoles will probably be more powerful than the WiiU.


FanboltGaming2322d ago

Getting your hands on it will make a big difference for you.

Let's also say that Sony and Microsoft's new consoles are "more power" than the Wii U. I am already impressed enough by the Wii U that I want one. Especially with the possibilities it presents you with. What it's going to come down to, especially this time around, is what games are going to be announced for it and how are they going to use the Wii U controller.

We could see some really neat ideas come out of the Wii U that will peak peoples interest.