How Much Will Next-Gen Games Cost?

While the cost of hardware is crucial, the price of software is also a huge consideration. Will next-gen games cost $70 or more?

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GraveLord2354d ago

If we look at Vita and 3DS prices you'll see they'll either be the same price, or cheaper.

metsgaming2354d ago

hopefully they follow that model, the cheap games that obviously dont warrant a $60 price tag should be cheaper.

LOGICWINS2353d ago

Here's the problem. Who judges what games are or aren't worth $60? On N4G, every COD game after MW1 isn't worth $60... however in the real world, COD games take the longest to drop in price.

Colwyn2354d ago

i would guess the consoles would be 450quid while the games cost about 60

ronin4life2353d ago

RE:R on the 3ds and Uncharted: GA on the vita are both more expensive than their predecessors games were at 50$, rivaling most wii games.

Hozi2353d ago

I think the price will go up...but I'm not buying new games if it does.

josephayal2353d ago

PS4 $399.99 and the Xbox 720 $350.00 (wii u $250.00)

Zoron0072353d ago

I miss last gen when they were $50. I wish you could just purchase certain parts of the game for a smaller price. For example buying MP and coop on bf3 and not single player for like $45 new