Famitsu’s 25 Most Wanted Games (Jan 13)

"The newest Famitsu is out, and it brings a new poll of the readers’ most anticipated games. With December having so much of the old list finally dropping onto shelves, it’s truly a fresh start. Well, except for the top spot, which has spent such a long time in development, you’d think it was a Square Enix game. And it is." -PSLS

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stormeagle62377d ago

The only one in the top 5 that's remotely surprising (to me) is Dragon's Dogma.

Deadpool6162377d ago

I wish Irem was still making Steambot Chronicles 2. That game could've easily made it on the list.

Capt-FuzzyPants2377d ago

I'm also pretty excited for Fotokano:Picture Girlfriend. Although I do wish it was on the Vita.

knifefight2376d ago

You can still play it on the Vita if you choose to download.

I'm a physical media fan though, so I'll be playing my PSP games on a PSP.

Capt-FuzzyPants2376d ago

I was joking. But good to know anyways I guess. I'll probably pick up the vita after it's first price drop and buy most of my games physical and then download a couple.