1up: The Top Xbox 360 Games of 2012

Without a concrete slate of first-party announcements (besides Halo 4), we're leaning more towards the 360's solid foundation of third party titles. As expected: if you like shooters, then you'll enjoy the Xbox 360. We still haven't seen any Kinect-only titles to merit inclusion on our list, but if you prefer using analog sticks to move and shoot, then this is the system for you (still).

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GraveLord2198d ago Show
Hufandpuf2198d ago

Halo 4? Bah I'm tired of this franchise. Let us play as the soldiers not the cyborgs. ODST 2 anyone (expect not as boring of course)

from the beach2197d ago

Looking forward to Haunt and Alan Wake in the next few weeks.

Goozex2197d ago

Forgot to mention starhawk, twisted metal, the journey, last guardian, vita launch and some. Lol

Captain Qwark 92197d ago

only care about three of those games, not a fan of the rest.

my list looks like....

kingdom of amalur
mass effect 3
ninja gaiden 3
armored core 5
devil may cry
max payne 3
halo 4
borderlands 2

maybe bioshock inifinte but i wasnt crazy about the first 2

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The story is too old to be commented.