Science of Games: Zombies Part 1

Gamesradar: We thought we’d launch our new column with a somewhat timely topic. Naughty Dog recently announced their new project, The Last of Us, which prominently features a humanoid creature that appears, at first blush, to be quite zombie-like. One of the most intriguing parts of Naughty Dog’s announcement of The Last of Us is that it has posted videos of so-called “zombie ants” from the Thailand rainforest on the game’s official website. These videos could simply be creepy ambience to prime gamers for a discussion about the zombie apocalypse, or they could hint at a plot point in the upcoming game. We’ll playfully assume the latter.

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Projekt7tuning2289d ago

That was a pretty cool read. I did not know about those ants. Pretty cool. You lear something new every day right.