Mass Effect 3: How It Won’t Disappoint

Mass Effect 3 will not disappoint its fans

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limewax2378d ago

well its bound to disappoint some people. Some will miss the amount of sidequests from the first game still. Some will probably miss small details of ME2.

All I know is I want something more dynamic this time. ME2 had and awful mission structure. Other than the beginning, The stranded collector ship, and the final battle every mission followed a horribly boring and archaic structure of talk, shoot, talk, shoot harder enemies, Mission Success. The DLC was a breath of fresh air to me from an otherwise tedious game.

Not that it wasn't a fairly decent tedious game

JsonHenry2378d ago

I want this game already!!

Baka-akaB2378d ago

I know it will , as with me2 with some around here . I doubt i'll be dissapointed as i never expected the pinnacle of rpg from this serie and just enjoy the ride

ArchangelMike2378d ago

That's the best way, tbh. Never ride the hype train.

Kal8532375d ago

But the pinnacle of rpgs is what BiowWare's games used to be. That's what they developed a reputation of excellence for. So now, we've gone from expecting and receiving the best to "eh, it's good enough"? Should we be satisfied with their games getting worse and just living with it? On what planet is that acceptable?

Baka-akaB2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

that pinacle dissapeared many years before the ME serie imo , so why would i expect them to suddenly return to Baldur's gate levels right in the middle of already established mass effect ?

Besides i never said anything about it getting worse . Unlike many around here , i find me2 more interesting to play than me1 (except me1 had more surprise and all around better plot), unloaded with tedious stuff for a game that was never going to be the aforementioned pinnacle .

ME never got worse over time for me , it just kept being a nice action-rpg ride to me . I only expect the same from me3

ninjahunter2378d ago

As of right now, there are only 2 things I can put against ME3.
1) Requires Origin on PC, Nuff said
2) No quarians in multiplayer. Also nuff said.

Megaton2377d ago

The article points to 1 decent piece of content, and 1 excellent piece of content, but leaves out the last and worst piece of content they released for ME2, Arrival.

I think a lot of people also fail to understand that ME2 as it stands today was a huge disappointment for many fans. It took the game they loved and threw it out the window, replacing it with a streamlined action shooter. ME3 just looks like a further devolution of that process. They're going the wrong way. From man to monkey.

Kal8532375d ago

I agree with everything you just said. I've been seriously considering not giving them my money this time around. But I think the article is a plea to trust them on their response to the concerns we've been giving them about how the second game did turn out, and points to the Shadow Broker's dlc as an example of that. For what it's worth, I have the same fears, especially considering that DA II was released uncompleted. But I'm ordering the CE of ME 3, and giving BioWare one last chance. We'll see if they've totally turned their backs on their long time rpg fans, or if they still have the magic.