Modern Warfare 3 Spawn Logic at its worst

Just a little video on the worst of MW3's annoying spawn logic. In one game I died about 43 times in 2 minutes.

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r1sh122445d ago

I understand when a game is bad, the spawns in MW3 are horrific but this guy is a clown.
He keeps going back for revenge kills, he rushes back to where he was killed, by the time he gets there, the other player has moved and sees him first.
Its typical noob gameplay, Ive been in games where my team is spawn trapped but I dont go out rushing.
I see where people are getting shot from and slowly get a few kills, get to 5 and disrupt the other team.
You have to be smart, and this type of gameplay is terrible.

ljh2172445d ago

This is true. I really hate dome, but the building he was spawning in is the easiest point on the map to hold down and clear enemies from. Instead he just sprints out everywhere, I suppose the bomb was about to be blow but you can't diffuse it if you're dead.

I'm not saying MW3 spawns are perfect - maps are so small that even if there was a perfect spawning algorithim, it still wouldn't work. Just this is evidence that the guy is terrible rather than the spawning system (although it wouldn't take much to prove how terrible it is).

davidmccue2445d ago

The spawns will always be bad in DOME, the map is way too small and when all the players are spread out you are bound to spawn in close proximty to an enemy player. The only fix they could do is to limit the player cap for the map.

As for the player in the video, he deserved to get killed so many times, due to a lack of skill and common sense.

BattleAxe2445d ago

I bet the player count has majorly dropped off, and I'm willing to bet that alot of people have gone back to MW2 and Black Ops. This is the first CoD game that doesn't display the overall player count since CoD4......I wonder why.

Hufandpuf2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

1. You really suck
2. The spawns are garbage
3. It's COD, did you expect improvement?
4. Why did you buy the game?
5. NVM you still suck.
6. I'm lvl 13 and beat lvl 80s continuously.
7. Stated above doesn't change the fact that the game still sucks.

Intentions2445d ago

Geee... Since when did levels determines skill?

Overall Mw3 is broken.
CoD4 and Mw2 is a lot better, each new release of CoD is getting more shitter and unbalanced. Even though Mw2 was broken; but at least they fixed it. After all these years they couldn't fix it for the sequel; looking at you Mw3.

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Intentions2445d ago

Yeah true... Guess I just like the simplicity of CoD4. :/

cyborg69712445d ago

I tried playing this last night. What a joke. There are so many things that are unbalanced and lag. At least black ops tried to bring it back to the level of mw1. Bo owns mw3

davidmccue2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

If they remove tubing from COD it would be a lot better game and more 'skill' based, 70% of my deaths have been by the other players just firing random tubes.

The sad thing is that some people only use tubes to get kills and they manage to get the most kills in a match, even though they are really bad at the game.

I know you can use the Blast Sheild perk to help combat this, but it will leave you very vulnerable if you substitute the Assassins perk for it. The ememy players will know exactly where you are on the map, hence removing any stealth gameplay elements from the game.

They should make a new 'True Hardcore' mode which removes tubing, killstreaks and the map radar altogether, this will help bring back the CORE gameplay of COD and how it was meant to be played, Noobs may not apply.

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thrasherv32445d ago

The spawn system does indeed suck(easy to achieve when you have bad maps) but all this video proves is that the player sucks at this game.

Mroc132445d ago

I agree. I actually would have liked to spawn in like that player and get the chance to kill the guy that killed me.

arnyftw2445d ago

This is demolition. You spawn at the same part of the map so its easy to spawn trap. I have only played a couple of demolition game in which a team hasent been spawn trapped.

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