Why Final Fantasy XIII just didn't work

On January 31, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy XIII-2, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, which the developer shipped several years ago to mixed reactions. Some fans adored the game's gorgeous aesthetics and flashy combat; others cursed Square Enix for daring to defile their beloved series.

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Godmars2902377d ago

It also went wrong with NPCs. You only ever see people once or twice, where if they are shown a second time they're often killed, usually with not even any direct involvement by the characters. This is especially true of the henchmen who are only defined by the most shallowest levels.

I keep asking why when you're fighting the literal main bad guy of the game 3-4+ times, you have to off Cid as soon as he says hello, two potential villains get wholly wasted.

FFS, the Turks were far more memorable well towards the end of FFVII than the boobie glasses lady half a heart beat she gets capped in an act of pointlessness.

WombBat2376d ago

that wasnt the only bad thing about it to me let me read my list.

- female character as main
- no towns and npcs
- no intuitive battle system
- annoying characters
- music not as cool, catchy, and epic. more girly
- linearity
- ambiance and feeling(felt more like phantasy star online)

iamtehpwn2376d ago

Female as the main character? Not only is that sexist, but you're also saying that FF6 wasn't great either. Thats nonsense.

Megaman_nerd2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

The comment section was more fun to read than the main article because the author is just saying what people have said a thousand times already. But the truth is that FFXIII has more flaws than just the restricted linearity....

Anyway, it seems these FFXIII debates are taking place everywhere and not just in N4G. Even on gamefaqs there are a couple of threads with people talking about why FFXIII sucks while others are defending it. This is the first time I've seen the FF fanbase so divided since FFVIII. XD

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Derpy2376d ago

I agree with the article. I play RPGs for a little escapism from reality. For a game to do that, I need to feel like I am someone else in a completely different world. The boring corridor fighter that is FFXIII fails at this on every side (for me anyway.)

I have played every Final Fantasy except for 3 (my personal favorites being 6, 9 & 12) and FFXIII is the only one that has failed to make me feel like I've visited a new world.

I really don't want to end up wasting another $60, so I am approaching FFXIII-2 with caution.

Unlimax2376d ago

The answer is . . . XBOX 360 !

Unlimax2376d ago

No i'm not trying to be a sony "Fanboy" .. This is the truth , Deal with it or get out of it !

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