IGN's COD Vita Wishlist

BobbyA1984 -- IGN's Call of Duty expert -- builds the perfect handheld version of COD.

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lugia 40002230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Because the best way is to put everything from MW3 in the Vita. IGN knows the worst of the ideas.

No doubt this will sell alot but they better make a good, non copy paste game.

Or just make me a COD4 new engine + new maps and ill buy it.

Game4life2230d ago

two of those are just plain stupid, I mean really you need a bluetooth mic fo a portable COD? Hell no You don't need acesessories for the portable.

farhad2k82230d ago

Well I'm pretty sure they're going to use the in-built mic? LOL
Plus, those earphones that you get with new android phones with a built in mic, they work with the VITA aswell. It will be easy to produce good quality sound for your friends. Even Turtle Beach have made some earphones for the VITA.