Cross-server Flashpoints not good for SWTOR, says BioWare

If you were hoping for cross-server queues, don’t get your hopes up. BioWare doesn't philosophically believe cross-server FP are good for the game.

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JsonHenry2288d ago

They would rather charge you to move your char to a more populated server than do the right thing I guess. I hate playing as my Jedi and waiting FOREVER to get a group for the mid to high level flashpoints. My Sith char, on the same server, never has to wait as long. The sad thing is my Sith is a DPS char and my Jedi is a healer. You would think it would not be that way. :/

FlashXIII2288d ago

Don't see why BW have this stance.. they screwed over any sort of sense of server "community" the moment they decided server forums were a bad idea.