Why You Should Care About XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Game Informer - Not sure if XCOM: Enemy Unknown is for you? Come see why fans of other popular franchises should have Firaxis' upcoming strategy game on their radar – or just to see three more new exclusive screenshots.

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NYC_Gamer2290d ago

i started to care the moment it was announced

dedicatedtogamers2290d ago

Same here. Been a huge X-COM fan since the original, and 2k Marin's bastardization of the series broke my heart. I'm very eager to play Enemy Unknown because it looks like a proper X-COM title.

2290d ago
Scarfy2290d ago

Great to see a true remake of such a classic, instead of turning it into a stale, boring first person shooter.

Now, if only someone would take notice and do the same for Syndicate...

Dark_Overlord2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

EA listen to their consumers? ha ha ha

There's more chance of Activision giving out free COD DLC :D

The new Syndicate game is Syndicate in name only :(

urwifeminder2290d ago

I never played the originals myself but angry joe was so excited i laughed at his victory dance and celebration and will check out the old games based on his childish excitement.