The Past: Denied

Drew A of writes:

"I hear a lot about how many gamers go back and play their favorite game from the past, old school games from the NES and PS1. It’s cool to be nostalgic and all, but I can’t bring myself to go back and play the games I once was so passionate about. Paper Mario, for example, was released almost eleven years ago. And even though I have played it to hell, even now I’ve got an urge to go back and experience it once again. However, about ten minutes into a new game, I shut off my N64. It just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t how I remembered. Have I been so influenced by this new era of gaming that I can’t even go back and enjoy many of my favorite games? Pokemon Snap, KoTOR, and Stronghold are forever out of my reach now without putting unnecessary amounts of effort into forcing myself to enjoy a classic."

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Snookies122103d ago

Eh, I still enjoy older games. Despite the jarring effect the graphics have, that look so much better in my memories. Sprites will always be sprites, you can always go back to FF6, or Chrono Trigger, but bad looking 3D games, will always look bad, even if you THINK they look good from your memories unfortunately. That's why there is a demand for HD remakes. XD

tigertron2103d ago

I still enjoy older games too, but I understand where hes coming from. We tend to hold things that we used to do when we were younger in such high esteem, but when we go back i.e. playing retro games they sometimes aren't as good as we remembered due to our high expectations. Its like playing a new game thats been really hyped and although good, doesn't meet our expecations.

skyblue142132103d ago

I tend to disagree with the author for the most part, but I do understand what he is talking about to a degree. I have been gaming for 22+ years and I still enjoy(to this day) the classics like super mario brothers, ninja gaiden, sonic the hedgehog, super monaco gp, super mario world, castlevania: symphony of the night, silent hill and a lot more than I can recall.

The part that I agree with the author is concerning most games that came from the ps1/n64 era when the games industry was shifting in a major way from 2d to 3d, and as a result of that era most games did not age well graphics wise. But still, even though some games did not age well graphics wise that has not effected my enjoyment of the games from that era that I still play and enjoy to this day.

If there is one major mistake that a gamer can make is judging a game's enjoyment mostly based on graphics alone as this author implies. Because there are a lot of classic games that have have not aged well "graphics wise" but are still very enjoyable today imo.

For example take simcity for the snes, granted the game does not have cutting edge graphics and does not even look bad "graphics wise". But I can still pour many hours into the game like I did back in the days simply because it is still fun to play and still has solid and fun game mechanics that anyone(from this day and age) no matter what age can pick up, play, and enjoy.

Stansolo2103d ago

I know were your coming from I had the same feeling. Here's a tip to get back to the good old gaming years, pick one night a week/month and get some mates round with some beers and play some split screen games. Just that one night of no online gaming and load mouth