A Quick Look at the Next-Gen Nintendo DS

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo has put together a rather lengthy wish list for the next Nintendo DS, trying to stay as realistic as possible. In compiling this list, Diaz considered what is possible, what has been rumored, and what would actually improve a gamer's DS experience.

For starters, he's hoping for all sorts of "power-ups", including a faster processor and better graphics. This should be fairly easy thanks to all the developments in the cell phone world. Memory expansion via an SD card slot is also a possibility, seeing how Nintendo took that route with the Wii. Other things that are mentioned include an accelerometer, a built-in light sensor, a MacBook-style stealth hinge, a 3.5-inch widescreen on top, a larger touchscreen below, movie playback capabilities, and a two-toned color scheme.

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davez823937d ago

close the lid with the screen that wide , the buttons will scratch the screen.

barom3937d ago

it looks like a mix of psp and ds

Doppy3937d ago

It is. The top screen is that of the PSP. The rest is a DS.

Skerj3937d ago

I'd actually pick that up if all of those things came to fruition.

Iceman100x3937d ago

The ds is fine the way it is why would they waste money just because this guy thinks it's a good idea?

BrotherNick3937d ago

I don't think they'll put an SD slot due to hacking...or movie capabilities. IMO keep it a game machine.

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