Yet another indie studio joins the fight; Frozenbyte is against SOPA

DSOGaming writes: "Take a look at our Top 10 Optimized PC Games for 2011. Which game is at the tenth place? That’s right, it’s Trine 2. Frozenbyte did an amazing job with it and Trine 2 is both a great performer and an amazing platform game. And we were delighted to hear that our beloved indie studio, Frozenbyte, has joined the fight against SOPA. Way to go our Finnish friends, that’s the spirit!"

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roguewarrior2198d ago

Great vid, makes me want to buy Trine 2, to support a developer. That understands, why the Internets should remain a place of relative freedom, SOPA is the Patriot Act for the Internet.To Quote Ben Franklin "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."