130° Red Riding Hood Base System Benchmarks, Full Specs Many said it couldn't be done. Many said the price point was too low for it to be real, we've sold over 200 units. To this point we had been to busy to benchmark our dual gpu base system. However we had some spare time today as we did some burn in tests. The results, a machine that can VSYNC 30 FPS with games maxed in 1080p.

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JsonHenry2253d ago

Nice work guys!! Hopefully this cheap alternative to a console with help break in new PC gamers and show them what they've been missing. (while providing a product that will still have many uses long after its gaming days are over)

steve30x2253d ago

Its not a console. Its a microATX computer.

ProjectVulcan2253d ago

This isn't news. This is using N4G as a self promotion website to sell their product. I thought this was against the rules. I will look at who approved this.

It is merely a pre built computer, the same as any other you can buy from anybody else.