Secret Xbox 360 games: Gears of War 2, Hitman 5

There are some seriously anticipated sequels in the works right now, and Games Radar are about to strip them bare before your eyes…

(Scans of the same article with the missing Gears of War 2 and Hitman 5 parts have been posted earlier here on N4G. This is the complete article.)

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Dr Pepper3724d ago

"Plus, in another neat twist, in Endwar you can send Ghost Recon units (and, we’re telling you now, Splinter Cell units) into battle,"

This is awesome news, as I'm a big fan of both the GR series and SC series.

I'm really looking forward to Hitman 5. The one thing that has kind of annoyed me with the series is the lacking AI (you can stand behind one doorway and they will all funnel into that one area, making them easy targets, among many other examples). I hope they really improve it.

I'm also waiting for Kotor 3 to be officially announced...

Any time now...


BLACKJACK VII3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )



xsteinbachx3724d ago


you'd have no idea how much i'd pee myself if they announce KOTOR3.

Texas GMR3724d ago

*My pants just got wet*

Highwayman3724d ago

I'm also a big fan of the SC and GR series, I know I'll have a blast sending in SC units.

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Omegasyde3724d ago

Because the same people also did Kane and Lynch.

They lost all respect that they have earned until Kane and Lynch. I hope they have learned their lesson from that game atleast.

ElementX3724d ago

Hitman won't suck. It's a proven formula. Kane and Lynch was something new that just didn't work.

Omegasyde3724d ago

Almost everything didn't work in Kane and Lynch


2)Aiming System and head shots for some reason, do not exist.

3)Cover System

4)Button Layout.

5)The A.I. Was horrendous

6)Clipping: The AI shooting through walls and getting "stuck"

ThichQuangDuck3724d ago

Kane and lynch they went for a risk and they knew it and other than a few gameplay flaws such as hit detection and cover i hear it is ok but maybe kane and lynch 2 will improve. Also Freedom Fighters was one of my favorite games of all time i dont care if it didnt sell as well as other games because it should because its single player was better than Halo 2's in my opinon. Now with Hitman 5 it will finally be next-gen hopefully have smarter AI and take the route of splinter cell double agent in a way and show how you got to your mission and let you make decisions of who you make hits for that impacts the game. That is just what I want it to be. Also hopefully they have multiplayer where people are trying to take down one or multiple people and have to kind of not be suspicious so that they can carry out their hit without getting whacked by other hitman a la Smokin Aces but we will see.

Omegasyde3724d ago

I thought all thier work in the last gen consoles were superb but seriosly Kane and Lynch had alot of problems that could of been fixed. There was no excuse for them especially now that games cost more.

I appreciate their last games, but rent Kane and Lynch to see what I am talking about. The game really is a botched abortion.

DG3724d ago

Man at this point I dont even care if Hitman 5 was an expansion pack for Blood Money with new levels. Just give it to me. And Gears2 ahhh man, is all I can say. Even though I only played the original for a month and traded it it was AMAZING (its not epics fault, I have a short attention spand).

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jackdoe3724d ago

They sound just like Surfer girl and that is not a good thing. GeoW 2 is a blatantly obvious game that is coming out, secret my ass.

Omegasyde3724d ago

I agree, I mean who wouldn't want to make a hugely popular franchise sequel to a best selling game?

Halo 4,GTA5,Mario Gallatica, The Sims: The Afterlife...

jackdoe3724d ago

Exactly. You have to be deaf, blind, and stupid in order to think that GeoW 2 is a secret 360 game.

socsca3724d ago

I think they meant more like "not officialy announced to be in development yet". Could be wrong, just checked which games they had on and read the one about GeoW and Dark Forces.

greenenvy3724d ago

oh man.................... *drool*

ps3 wishes it could do graphics that good or A.I. this damn those games look sweet!!!!

oh I dont even know what, gears of war 2, lost odyssey, ninja gaiden 2, too human, end war, hitman 5, spectral force 3, warhammer battlemarch, shred nebula, cry on, splinter cell 5 and KOTOR 3.....

I don't even think I can contain my excitement anymore.............holy **** is 2008 going to own, its going to be one exciting year for 360 OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SUPER360RPGWONDER3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Yes but don't forget The Last Remnant also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that game is going to be amazing! It seems 2008 is shaping up to be just like 2007, and we can't forget the surprises coming too like SAINTS ROW 2 and BANJO 3 plus WHITE GOLD: War in Paradise....

PS3 may have an exciting year but ho ho ho, 360 will have just a slightly more exciting year!!!!

Oh & don't think for a minute the bombs are out they haven't even begun dropping!!!!

Just think what Microsoft has in store for Perfect Dark....Oh my god.....If that incredible game Perfect Dark 2 came out in 2008 or 2009 with flawless online co op......Console war over mates

It seems Microsoft isn't just there to compete now, it seems Microsoft is in it to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win globally, so that when the next system launches they DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omegasyde3724d ago

Hmm it seems there was a double post by green envy.

KidMakeshift3724d ago

Thanks Captain Obvious, I mean, Gameradar

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