U.K.'s PS Vita ports and slots detailed, video output possible?

PSU writes: "We’ve seen and played a lot of PlayStation Vita over the past few months, but we’ve always been using debug units rather than retail versions, which don't have the same connections or ports."

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Colwyn2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

a video output to hdmi would be awesome. the ps vita is truly amazing and a video output would just add to the multitude of other features.

Solid_Snake372201d ago

Maybe in the future, a mini hdmi port would just up the costs of the vita

MasterCornholio2202d ago

The current design doesn't have a port that outputs to a TV. I believe that in 2 or 3 years there will be a red redesign that will incorporate a mini HDMI port.


Gitaroo2201d ago

the debug unit is the same as the retail unit except with different FW, like the PS3. If the debug unit can use the serial port to hdmi cable for TV out, the retail system can do it too. Sony just has to enable it in the FW, and sell the cable too of course.

Ddouble2201d ago

No one knows what that port does but I'm sure they have something in store for it.

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