17 Recent Pokemon That Prove the Series' Creators Are Almost Burnt Out

The following aren't necessarily the worst or weirdest Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl and Black/White, but they are the most half-assed. The least creative. They're the Pokemon scribbled on a napkin over lunch and dumped directly into the game. In other words, you'll spend far more time trying to catch most of these guys than was ever put into creating them...

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dark-hollow2326d ago

The first 151 pokemons kicked a**!
Charizard still holds a special place in my heart.

WildArmed2326d ago

Agreed. I wanna say the first 150-set pokemons and the 'legendary' pokemons that followed right afterwards were the best.

Once they released their '250' and beyond 'set', it became obviously they ran out of ideas.

BXbomber2326d ago

totally agree, i luved charmander, charmeloen, charizard since day.

metsgaming2326d ago

i like the originals once they added the new ones and changed the characters i was done.

shossofe2326d ago

17? That's a typo right? I thought it was 155.

Tai2326d ago

They ran out of ideas a long time ago.They also told us that Black/White would have totally new Pokemon,but they just replaced Zubat for Woobat,Geodude for Roggenrola,Poliwag for Tympole,Machop for Timburr and so on.Sure they look new,but they were the exact same or worse than the original Pokemon.They also overused Pansage,Pansear and Panpour.

Midori2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I've got to say, nearly every single complaint about design in this article applies to the first three (but mostly the first two) generations of Pokemon as well.

Combee= Unrealistic flying being with multiple faces with human-like feature(s)= Magneton
Cherubi= Biological plant with a face= Sunflora
Pidove= A regular-looking bird= Pidgey
Deerling= A deer with minor alterations=Stantler
Lickwit= Unnatural object with a face= Electrode
Garbodor= Trash or gunk= Muk
Gothita= Heavily human-esque Pokemon with unique trait=Gardevoir

Judging by the previous standards of the series, nothing is "wrong" with any of these designs. Pokemon have, historically, always defied "reality" in obvious ways. If there's any problem, it's resorting to similar/past designs in the series.

If you still don't believe the designs have always been strange, try to recall Pokemon such as Hitmonchan, that seemingly wears clothing and boxing gloves. How about Jynx? I've yet to see a newer Pokemon that goes against the precedents set by the earlier entries.

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The story is too old to be commented.