Gamers Need to Remove Payment Info from Xbox Live

Eric of writes:

"With reports of people still being affected by fraudulent charges coming from their Xbox Live Account, all gamers should take the necessary precautions so they don’t end up being a victim. Whether you call it Hacking or Phising, gamers are still having money stolen from their accounts to purchase Microsoft Points. So the best thing to do right now is to remove any method of payment on your console."

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Buzz7S2352d ago

Microsoft need to re-think their strategy for family packs, as these stolen accounts are linked to it right away. Perhaps if they removed it, or made it so the 'child account' has to go through a 2 email verification process, where the 2 email accounts are those of the person(s) who is paying for the subscription/points, then it would make things a lot more difficult for those who steal and sell the accounts.

Just my 2 cents on it.

hellvaguy2350d ago

Um youve been able to remove your credit cards from ms service for almost 2 months now.