Platinum Hits: Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Platinum Hits writes: "I’ve played several MMOs in my time and I must say they became fairly routine and predictable. You are a dude, who does meaningless jobs like collecting ingredients to make a delicious soup for another dude, who stands and does nothing, while there is a dragon out there that needs to be killed. The benefit of the repetitive and tedious “soup job”, of course, is a huge amount of experience even though you could probably do it in your sleep."

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joab7772320d ago

The irony of this game is that rpg fans will love it. It is the first mmo that really feels like a single player RPG. But, mmorpg fans have become so accustomed to the wow model that anything different is wrong. Even though mmorpgs began as rpgs. Astor does have many similarities to wow, as any sane company would do. And it gives the player the ability to raid, to loot and to become powerful. But now, it gives u a reason to do these things. And which doesn't want to become the most bad ass with in the universe. There is some disparity between the single player story and the pvp, as one is built to make "you", the center, but everyone needs help. The companion system is awesome and it helps market this game to those whole may b intimidated by mmos as much can b done with just you and ur companion. I think its blended perfectly for fans of mmos and fans of sp rpgs. It will b huge for a long time to come. It needs updates for minor issues such as hotkey customization, raid finder (flashppints). There has been complaints with the high Res textures etc. I still am not a fan of the graphics. Even mass effect would have been more suitable. I want my Jedi or with to look harass, but it grows on you and over time, it doesn't even matter any more. It is a superb game and i can't wait to see how it grows.

Mutley4162320d ago

one of the main problems with wow is the i know everything community. and them going to a real name forum setting...but they are changing that or did. alot of security people and big shots play the game and don`t want there employers knowing they are play x hours a week. but at the end of the day WOW/Blizzard are good at what they do...that fargin game is so fun and addicting. :(

closnyc22320d ago

far from a 10..this game is at most a 7. Extremely noob friendly, boring story lines, and insane amount of fetch quests. Played beta, cancelled pre order. Half the team of da origins was in this and they still managed to make a game 10 times worse than origins.

coolbeans2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

"far from a 10..this [finished staged] game is at most a 7."

"Played beta, cancelled pre order."

I put the [] brackets there to let you know why it's going to be tough for anyone to take your comment seriously.

closnyc22320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

youre right..another rushed piece of crap game by bioware...every game since da origns has been rushed to meet deadlines, and swtor is no exception. Rushed to meet the holidays and still has the same issues as the beta did. Also, you may like bioware and all their games, maybe pressing A and awesome happening is your kind of stuff, but i dont. I played the beta cause i got invited and like you and many others i fell into the hype but thank god for that free beta, cause after that i immediately cancelled my pre order. Best choice of my life.

coolbeans2319d ago

You don't seem to understand. The reason I put the brackets there was to demonstrate that you don't have full knowledge of the product that released to the public on 12/20. Playing a beta doesn't give you permission to smear Bioware and the game itself when you haven't played the 'complete' game.

closnyc22319d ago

haha trust me, ive played the full game, cause my brother owns it. ATI still has the same bullshit issues, no AA, low res textures, some of the same glitches and still a very boring day. In fact, ive even done the flashpoints and helped my brother level up as it is his first mmo, hell i helped him reach level 46 already and it hasnt even been a month, and i hear the endgame sucks ass. So ya, i have played the full game and it still doesnt interest me one bit. But oh well, its bioware and their downhill pattern which will continue with ME3.

coolbeans2319d ago

"So ya, i have played the full game and it still doesnt interest me one bit."

If you say so, but these are details you shouldn't leave out of your initial comment and why my first reply still stands.

pandehz2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Extremely noob friendly comment

Boring opinion

Insane amount of subjectivism

Read your comment, added disagree.

Same person who posted three times and still managed to make me yawn.

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bwazy2320d ago

Sorry but I really don't see how you can give a game a 10/10 when it costs 15 bucks a month to play. This wouldn't be an issue in the past, but with an MMORPG like Guild Wars 2 coming out (hopefully) this second quarter and offering a Free to Play model, gamers really shouldn't have to fall into the old Pay to Play rule set.

BakedGoods2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Dude, I just spent $10 at McDonalds--that lasted 20 minutes.

To pay $15/month for a constantly updated game is nothing. The kids crying about monthly fees should be a thing of the past.

bwazy2320d ago

Enjoy your slow death of cardiac related issues.