How Skyrim Breaks Its Own Illusion "While strolling along the vast expanse of wilderness between Skyrim's major settlements, I chanced upon two mages dueling each other to the death. One was a fire mage, the other a frost mage. After killing them both (they were hostile, I promise), I took a moment to marvel at the consistency of it all. Here, in the middle of nowhere, I encountered something that I might have easily missed: a continuation, perhaps, of an eternal feud between fire and ice. While this duel might otherwise appear as a scripted event for my benefit, the fire/ice battle in a frozen landscape instead enriches the world of Skyrim. While the picturesque landscape and Nordic atmosphere constructs the environment, logic lays the foundation for an enveloping, albeit precarious, form of world building. "

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fozzness2234d ago

This is a pretty awesome look inside skyrim! Highly suggest it!

mephman2234d ago

I think the amount of detail Skyrim has is fantastic, but there are so many rather silly bugs which can ruin a moment. Like, storming a castle, then once you've won, an NPC asking if you want to storm the castle.

ginsunuva2234d ago

Or Dragons attacking a town and everybody's like "who's there?" And they all get roasted

ArchangelMike2234d ago

I have to say though, some NPc's do recognise player race, I play as an Altmer, and have encountered race specific dialogue. I assume, playing as a Nord would also (should also) deliver race specific dialogue.

But c'mon we all have to suspend disbelief when playing games, it's the nature of the medium. The bugs don't help I admit, but it's in no way a deal breaker.