Screw the Vita, buy a PSP

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi has five good reasons why you should consider skipping the Vita launch and investing in a PSP.

Does he have a point, or is he just a cheap bastard?

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lugia 40002352d ago

Screw you, im buying a Vita.

FACTUAL evidence2352d ago

"Screw the Vita, buy a PSP"

Don't make me laugh.....

GraveLord2352d ago

That's not actually such a bad idea if you're on a budget.

Army_of_Darkness2352d ago

If your on a budget, why are you even getting a portable gaming device in the first place?! Its not even a necessity if you already have a console at home.

ReservoirDog3162352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Haha, on a budget but like RPGs?

That's probably the* best system for RPGs since the PS2. Crisis Core, Persona 1, 2 and 3, FF Tactics, Kingdom Hearts BBS, Tactics Ogre and all the PS1 classics on the ps store.

You can get hundreds or even thousands of hours out of those games and they're not even expensive.

So yeah, great option for the budget minded.

edit: Oh and Valkyria Chronicles 2. And all the great platformers and God of War(s) and GTA Vice City Stories (the most underrated GTA ever, it's like San Andreas with a great story and great characters set in Vice City in your pocket).

blumatt2352d ago

You can play all the PSP (digital) games on the Vita anyway. lol I say just save up a little more and get a Vita.

ronin4life2352d ago

Not all of them. And once you've paid for all the memory cards required for a psp library, you might as well have bought a psp.


on these flamebait articles? sooner you stop sooner media will have to use another tactic to get hits and stop the sony bashing

yeh ironic ive commented but its only to try and understand why noones learnt that dont feed the the dogs they have to go elsewhere

title could have said..'5 reasons to get a psp now' or something


Commander_TK2352d ago

Meh, Sony's portables don't do it for me. They lack the handheld games. I'd rather play games like Crisis Core and God of War on a home console than a handheld. PSP is just a portable with games I'd rather play on a console. I haven't played my PSP for ages now.

suicidalblues2352d ago

@ commander to

Kind of an odd argument. Saying the psp has console quality games so you DON'T play it? Were you hoping it would have crappy games that didn't look good?

ShinMaster2352d ago

Got one for 6 years. I'm ready for the new thing.

Just wondering if there was an article saying "Screw The 3DS Buy a DS". Because that would've been a better deal considering the launch price for its tech, performance and games.

dedicatedtogamers2351d ago

I've had a PSP since 2008. It's a fantastic system.

But like others have said, where are the "screw the 3DS, buy a DS" articles? Because that's a very valid concept. Why are people just NOW on the side of the PSP when it has been nothing but a "dismal failure" for the last 5 years according to the media?

PSP is awesome. Tons of RPGs, tons of great action games, and of course games like Monster Hunter, Peace Walker, God of War, etc. But I'm also getting a Vita.

morganfell2351d ago

How about we just click on at the top of the page beneath Read full story>> and rate your site and this story accordingly.

ronin4life2351d ago

Because everyone already had a ds. The same can't be said of the psp.

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JaredH2352d ago

"If a sexy Monster Hunter exclusive gets announced, sure I'll jump in line."

So he's just like all of Japan.

imbrawler2352d ago

screw you all im buying all

Colwyn2352d ago

buying a ps vita is buying all.

demetre722351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )


Screw you !!!

Orionsangel2351d ago ShowReplies(1)
demetre722351d ago

Exactly screw that stupid article

Vita all the way Psp has been piece of crap

Orionsangel2351d ago

@Rynx Wow he called me troll. He's so original! He really got me there. Haha!

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GribbleGrunger2352d ago

come on, why couldn't it just have read 'five reasons to buy a PSP' why did it have to have a pop at the Vita? what is wrong with these people?

remanutd552352d ago

ps vita is everything i wanted the psp to be and maybe a little more , we are a month away to vita's launch , man i cant wait !!!

Tony-A2352d ago

Since 2007-2008, people have been saying that the PSP was a software wreck and that it's prime had past way earlier than Sony thought because of piracy and all that..

but now that we have a new playstation to pick on, it's the thing to pick up??

Indecisive Media. It's all the rage this generation..

ronin4life2352d ago

In 2007 and 2008, the psp wasn't worth it, while its main competitor was. Who would have recommended it?
After all these years, it finally has a decent library And is relatively cheap. Most people already have a ds, so they are looking foward at the 3ds/vita and some may even see the psp as worth getting at this point, having overlooked it in favor of the ds earlier. The psp is doing better than the vita in Japan for this very reason.
The psp may well experience a mini renaissance, though I don't expect it to be as big as Japan's.

banjadude2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

"Since 2007-2008, people have been saying that the PSP was a software wreck and that it's prime had past way earlier than Sony thought because of piracy and all that.. but now that we have a new playstation to pick on, it's the thing to pick up??"

Oh God, that is so true.