[VVGtv] Exclusive - Freds Fridays

VVGtv Reports:
Here at VVGtv, we do many things regarding indie games. Today, Friday the 13th marks a special day, it marks the start of “Night of the Fred”, you will follow our adventure and things we’ve found to be interesting about the game. It could be a screenshot, a music clip from the game, a weapon, development process or even a ninja? Well let’s just put it this way, each week on Friday starting today, we will share some more information about the game as each week passes us by. Get ready to help us guide Fred through an epic zombie infested world every week, so gather your guns and blunt objects, it’s time to leave the basement and grab your controller…….oh wait, most of you seclude yourself in your mothers basement while playing video games (Kidding). Just sit right there, only Fred needs to leave his basement, I mean look at his eyes!

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