New Releases for the Week of January 15th-January 21st, 2012

With January’s trifecta of disk-based titles still two weeks away, gamers are going to have to rely on ancillary content to keep them satisfied until NeverDead, SoulCalibur V, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 hit store shelves. Although this week’s ancillary content for Gears of War 3 and Saints Row: The Third enter a marketplace relatively free of competition, it will be interesting to see how well subsequent DLC offers will fare once the release schedule becomes more crowded.

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RaptorMan2381d ago

CheapyD needs to get a deal going on SR:3 this week. C'mon Amazon $25 or bust.

madmad2381d ago

I wonder how many people are actually looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I'm sure there's some, but not that many.

sharpsword2381d ago

Who or what is scarygirl?

mediastudies2381d ago

nothing for me this week.

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