Asura's Wrath looks oversimplified | Preview [NoobFeed]

Daav from tries out Asura's Wrath. Space Harrier meets DragonBall Z meets Heavy Rain; that's a weird combination. While the high production of Asura's Wrath is sure to catch the eye, it's still unsure whether it will incorporate enough to keep players piqued. At least it promises variation. But as of now, critical success seems uncertain.

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Slade2350d ago

arent gamers dumbed down? sounds perfect

and looks great

Ser2350d ago

Tried the demo, wasn't impressed at all. I didn't even bother giving the second half of the demo a go.

The game feels clunky when compared to something like God of War.

Lord_Sloth2350d ago

So it's like Lords of Shadow.

Ser2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Nah, nothing like Lords of Shadow.

I actually PREFERRED Lords of Shadow over God of War III for 2010.

The overall feel of Wrath just feels cheap for some reason. Lords wasn't cheap, just a little tight on the controls.


The first one, the one where you fight the giant stone guy.

nilamo2350d ago

which chapter did you play?

Lord_Sloth2350d ago

So not being able to jump over ANY MOVE IN THE GAME no matter how low it is without the second jump you get towards the end (including a crawling swipe attack) translates to "a little tight"?

Wrath's demo wasn't a grand demo but I've played some awesome demos that led to crap games. Also, the fat guy had the dull boss fight, I shall give you that. The second fight however proved much more interesting.

Ser2350d ago

Well, to each his own. I loved Lords.

Wrath WAS clunkier than Lords, though. That's my opinion.

Der_Kommandant2350d ago

Dragon Ball meets Street Fighter

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