Valve Planning Team Fortress 2 Updates, DLC Maps

Team Fortress 2 players may be getting a Valve-wrapped Christmas gift as the Xbox 360 version is expected to receive a new patch addressing player concerns. According to an e-mail passed on to us by reader Shamrock, the update "fixes several game-play exploits, improves bandwidth usage, improves stats reporting, and fixes some menu bugs." The juicier news is that PC users should see new maps for TF2 rolling out in the next year, with those maps being offered as bundled downloadable content. One of those maps, according to the forwarded e-mail from a Valve rep, is currently in testing.

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MK_Red3785d ago

Hope they release something really strange and wacky. A really odd level / map.

GodsHand3784d ago

Good thing about PC, is you can make your own maps.

assjacket3784d ago

so the 360 version will get bug fixes but no new maps?

jackdoe3784d ago

360 owners get the shaft on this one. The PC version was patched days after its release while 360 owners have to wait weeks. Of course, PS3 owners get the biggest shaft.

Rooted_Dust3784d ago

On Steam new maps aren't considered DLC, they are updates. You don't have to purchase or go out and find them, it's all automatic.

sleepbox3784d ago

I really hope they release the Orange X map. It ROCKS on PC.