Crush 3D vs. PSP: Sony version depressing, Nintendo version cheerful

With the release of Crush 3D compared the two games unveiling the totally different style of the same game. While the PSP version is dark, rainy and has a touch of depression the Nintendo 3DS version is cheerful and happy.

A general attitude of the two companies, a choice specially made by Sega. What is your opinion about this topic!

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portablegaming2048d ago

It is insane how much the changed the stile of the game for the systems. But if it isn't postapocalypic and dark no Sonyfanboy would play it and the Nintendo customers would be scared of the old style :D

RememberThe3572048d ago

Yeah, I love Uncharted's post-apocalyptic art style. I wouldn't play it otherwise.

/s haha

TronEOL2048d ago

I'm pretty sure the PSP version was the developers intended version, and they changed it to be more child friendly on the DS.

Smart choice on the developers side in my opinion.

Emilio_Estevez2048d ago

Your response is much more likely

Sorano2048d ago

I kinda like the style of the PSP better, eventhough the graphics of the 3DS look crisper. Don't like the candyland-style...

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AlanarWindblade2048d ago

I agree with Sorano here. The style of the PSP version is far more intriguing than that of the 3DS version. However, everyone should really play this brilliant puzzle game - be it on 3DS or PSP.

SoapShoes2048d ago

They need to make a PS3 version! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

rexbolt2047d ago

ima be honest with that kiddy artstyle and kiddy chars theres no reason for the game to be dark

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