New version of Skyrim's SkyBoost comes with additional performance boost

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for Skyrim fans as Alexander Blade has released a new version for his wonderful Skyrim mod, SkyBoost. In the R4 version of SkyBoost, Boost is separated to fpu and sse2 versions. Oh, and as always, the mod comes with additional performance boost. Some users claimed that they gained 3-6fps from the previous SkyBoost version, so go ahead and download it. This is a must-have tool!"

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pandehz2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I want to personally thank this person for making this.

Earlier I used to get roughly 45-50 fps outdoors and in main towns a sudden drop to 15-20 fps. Settings at max and 1600x900 res.

After trying this fix suddenly outdoors was 50+ constant and sometimes 60+ fps

And in towns my fps is now highly improved and stable. Solitude 33-40 fps. Markath -35-40 fps. Windhelm 38-45 fps.

Fortunately I never played much of the campaign yet and haven't played the quests in most towns, also haven't discovered some major towns yet. Been doing side quests for 47 hrs now :D

With this now I can actually play Skyrim in all its glory without any performance worries.

If you are reading this, thx a lot mate.

Sarcasm2230d ago

I second this, after this boost my FPS went from 20 to 55 when I entered the main town. What a huge difference and I can finally enjoy the game now without that CPU bottleneck.

This goes to show how terrible Bethesda really is when it comes to optimizing and this is a slap in their face when a modder has to do it for them.

PiccoloGR2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Imagine the performance boost we'd get from some proper optimization. Damn Bethesda

gamernova2230d ago

I really need to get this game eventually.