120,000 gamers want EA to oppose SOPA

A new petition calling for EA to oppose SOPA has been signed by over 120,000 gamers.

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dark-hollow2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

They will eventually, but mind you, its only for good PR and avoiding bad rep among gamers. Just like godaddy.

Totally pathetic!!!
Now google, facebook etc. Who opposed SOPA in the first place, deserve the applause.

Reborn2234d ago

They probably will, eventually. (at least if they did, would be good)

However, I dunno.. I think it may need more than 120k for that to happen. (if they even look at petitions)

koehler832234d ago

Oooh a signature.

Don't buy their damn games!

Lord_Sloth2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I don't care if they oppose it. I just don't want them to support it.

They can remain neutral and still have my respect.

ShoryukenII2234d ago

I expect that most companies would like SOPA because they believe that it would help them get money. But I don't think that it is bright to openly support it. That won't really help SOPA pass. They are allowed to like it but they should stay quiet and see what happens.

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