Looking Ahead to 2012 in PS3 Downloadable Releases

With the new year in full swing and a torrent of games to look forward to over the next twelve months, it’s time to don some scuba gear and dive into a brief look at ten of our most anticipated games for 2012. Hold on to your digital butts.

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randomlyrossy2347d ago

Really looking forward to checking out Journey, looks really unique and interesting.

ndepetris2347d ago

I completely agree with randomlyrossy. A lot of those games are ones that I think are going to be great anyway, but Journey intrigues me on another level. Looking forward to it!

DanCrabtree2347d ago

I'm probably most intrigued about Papo & Yo. Developer's real story about an abusive alcoholic father as a childlike, fantasy favella. Dern.

SolidGear32347d ago

They're missing all the best! The Haunted: Hells Reach, Deep Black, Afterfall: Insanity, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, House of the Dead III and House of the Dead 4. WTF?

Virtual_Reality2347d ago

DUST 514, anyone should be looking forward that game.