Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Will Fix "Damage Proficiency Exploit"

MP1st - Along with other updates, patch 1.08 will include a fix for the damage proficiency exploit in Modern Warfare 3.

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lorianguy2082d ago

Well I'm just glad they're supporting this game well and taking action on the cheaters.

Please put the spawn system on the top of your list though!

StayStatic2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I dunno shot some guy in the back 4 times with the p90 for him to turn around a 1 shot me in the leg , wtf lol lmao.

back to bf3

GraveLord2082d ago

He probably had a ballistic vest on.

Jake_the_Dog2081d ago

Or being sniped and the bullet goes between your legs in the killcam and you still die.

Cosmit2081d ago

Yeah. Actually PS3 averages more than 400,000 a day. Xbox for sure gets more than that. So yes, people STILL play this.

Sigh2082d ago

how about you change the whole damage system in the game. Freaking hardcore to the max.