Hands-On With Echochrome, The Pros And Cons Of Sony's Bold PS3 Game

Echochrome is tough.

MTV Multiplayer learned that Tuesday morning during a two-hour visit with Sony reps at a mid-town Manhattan showcase of the biggest PSP and PS3 games of early 2008.

Echochrome is a puzzle game set on a landscape of floating shapes and line-drawn optical illusions. Classical music plays as the gamer rotates the playing field, opening and closing new paths for a little stick man who needs to walk to a goal. Turning the level just right creates and opens up paths. The proper twist might let the character bridge gaps that, thanks to the swivel, no longer appear to be there.

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Darkiewonder3871d ago

PSP Remote play coming too? ;o

rofldings3871d ago

Damn, the reasons for owning a PSP just keep going up and up. I will definitely buy a PSP within the next few months. :)

Jamegohanssj53871d ago

I can't wait for this. Most people will disagree with me, but it's a darn cool game.

demolitionX3871d ago

um waiting for this game as much um waiting for KZ2. AMAZING game

Danja3871d ago

NO disagree from looking forward to this's doing something new and it also looks fun..can't go wrong with that formula..

kornbeaner3871d ago

One of those games that are simple yet so fun to play. I'm glad this type of game didn't die with tetris. These type of puzzle games tend to be some of the best ones I ever play.

quiddd3871d ago

What did they expect? A walk in the park?

Douchebaggery3871d ago

I'd like that game to have user generated puzzle or at least a regular dose of DLC.

Darkiewonder3871d ago

There's a level editor.

Seeing as it's coming to the psp and maybe psn. psp may do adhoc only support for DLC and psn version can share lvls with each other both will fully DLC. ;o

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The story is too old to be commented.