PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 can't use PC mods, maps at launch

Ars Technica reports on December 11, 2007:

The PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 has been the talk of the town for being one of the first ever console games to feature modding. Though you'll need the PC version to make use of the editor for maps, models, and so forth, having access to player-created content is still a huge feature. Gamers have been testing these functions out, but have learned that the PS3 version - which hit stores across North America today - cannot accept mods yet.

Ars Technica's tests show that the Unreal Engine 3 Editor has no way of exporting content specifically for the PS3 yet. There is also no utility to package the various .ini, .ut3, and .u files necessary for other mods into a format that can be extracted and installed by the game's import content function. Though the instruction manual contains some basic instructions, even the printed reference page is currently unavailable. This may be a downer for some who were looking to get mods going right from the start.

Epic Games team member Josh Adams has explained the problem on the official forums.

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Blademask3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I think thats somewhat bull----. This should have been ready for launch. This is ridiculous.

Edit @ Everyone...

I wouldn't have anything to say. But Mark Reign and Tanya Hudgekins have been blathering ON and ON about this remarkable technology, the ps3's advantage etc etc. Its just bad form. Seems like they would have triple checked.

Not meant to flame or anything heh.

rofldings3873d ago

I'm just glad they got the game out in December, not delay it just for mods.

As long as they get it out within 4-8 weeks, shouldn't interrupt anything.

solar3873d ago

oh come on blade, cut them some slack. we got it before xmas, and we got plenty of maps to play before we get bored of them. rub your earlobes a bit buddy, calm down. kitty purr....good kitty...

Kleptic3873d ago

yeah relax man...its not that the ps3 doesn't support it...its the editor that needs an update...and I would rather have the PS3 version before the editor is ready than for the game to be delayed until this is fixed...

besides...the game ships with plenty of maps and modes to start out with...

rofldings3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Wait, the source (the forum post) - he doesn't say anything about not being able to use PC mods on the PS3 ... he just says the tools required to export their mods for the PS3 aren't out yet (For mod creators).

So... wtf bloodmask?

joydestroy3873d ago

i'm new to the UT series so it's going to be a while before i even touch those mods. i'm looking forward to just playing it.

gamefly better pull through for this one or i'm gonna be pissed.

barom3873d ago

I kinda agree though. The fact that they just praised it so much and then even come on playstation blog and tell us once more and suddenly out of nowhere say it's not ready.

I mean I'm happy they chose to release it before christmas but they could at least notify us of this important feature and give us some heads up. Mods are actually one of the main reasons I'm gonna get UT3 (got 3 copies but they're gifts to friends = i'm broke as hell).

Real Gambler3873d ago

Strangely, as usual with ALL the games today, things ALWAYS get postponed for legal and approval issues. Yet, everybody is thinking the tools are not ready yet. I'd bet you that somebody forgot that Sony had to approve the fact that suddenly a tool would become available to make mods for a Playstation game. Let me see: My lawyers will call your lawyers, just to make sure everything is fine... We will be lucky if they don't talk about this until 2011. It's a bit out of the usual: Ok, we have a game that passed your approval, sign on the bottom line and let's release it.

Omegasyde3873d ago

Blade give it some time.

We all know that once games come out there is atleast a week or two of kinks to fix.

Examples: Halo3, Warhawk, Cod4 are just a few :)

SL1M DADDY3872d ago

Honestly, it doesn't matter to me as long as it comes sooner than later. If you have seen the number of maps to play on already included in the game then you will be busy for weeks before really needing any mods. Just be patient, the mods are coming.

BrianC62343872d ago

The game just came out. I can understand wanting to be able to use mods but maybe those people who are upset should start off playing the game and add the mods later.

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davez823873d ago

Anything related to the pc is never ready.

mithril3873d ago

i read ... i don't remember where, PS3 version come with PC editor on Blue Ray disk and a program to convert mods on PS3 format.?

Omegasyde3873d ago

Nope. You read wrong sir.

In order for a person to create Mods, they must also have the PC version which is required for preview.

But hey you never know, Epic might just give away free software mod kits.

Hatchetforce3872d ago

Exactly,Mark Rein was very clear FROM THE BEGINNING that you would need the PC version to convert the mods or download them from the internet in the already converted form. So just quit already, you didn't read that anywhere except in the Round Peg anti-sony weekly publication.

mithril3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I say epic announce in a news i can't remember where, the PC version of software to create mods is include on blueray media for free. Just copying to usbdrive and install on your PC. And you can create mods with your PC ???

i don't know if it's true or news is false. Probably just the export tools for PS3 is on BlueRay?

scuse me my primary language is not english

mccomber3873d ago

that they were able to get the game ready in time for the holidays. How much would it have sucked for gamers if epic were to delay the whole game for just these tools?
Obviously their priority was the game itself, it's not like this is something that needs to be in place for you to enjoy the game now.

v1c1ous3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

UT3 didn't exactly burn the charts in sales.

while the ps3 version looks to be doing a tad better, in typical PS3 fashion, sales were overestimated.

EDIT: well this is embarrasing.

the website i visited had the wrong date. it had the pc release date for the ps3.

i shall triple check my sources from now on.

jackdoe3873d ago

Game just came out today so unless you can predict the future, we don't have any sales figures for the PS3 version.

Kleptic3873d ago

yeah what?

PS3 version shipped yesterday...every store in my area that got it today is already sold out...feckin' GS just about sold my preorder I would imagine...said it was the last in the store they had, and they had kids showing up all day asking if they had extras for those without a preorder...

it will sell fine...

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