The Gripe Vine - Did Games Get Too Serious? (CGMonthly)

Over the last few months, I’ve been catching up with some of the older games of the past generation, replaying HD collections of classics like Ico, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and most recently, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

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Rainstorm812201d ago

Nope they just grew up as Gamers grew up

Slade2201d ago

are you daft? gamers are always young and old.

Rainstorm812201d ago

The gamer demographic reaches more ages now than ever in gaming history, thats why the tone of games got more serious

Games like Mortal Kombat that favored realistic characters and violence, over the norm showed that gamers can handle a serious game.

Slade2200d ago


Your a dumbass. Mortal kombat has been around for over 10 years now.

The tone of games has been serious, its been playful, its been everything. If you cant understand that I cant help you

"Games like Mortal Kombat that favored realistic characters and violence,"

You think thats realistic characters and violence? Characters that can shoot ice, and rip the spine in 1 motion?

Gamers have been handeling serious games since the new days and fire emblem or zelda was released.

A serious game, does not mean its a mature game or visa versa

if you want more education let me know

NYC_Gamer2201d ago

i love the mature themed games.better story telling/connection to characters.but also support the indie scene which is known to produce the light type of experience.

Slade2201d ago

mature themed games are just 1 type. That doesnt mean better, not even close. It depends on the game

atelier, is alchemy based, its light hearted. The characters are more memorable and the combat and depth is better than skyrim,

its just different

Tuxedo_Mask2201d ago

I think that a lot of people take gaming too seriously. Life itself is serious enough, and games are supposed to be an escape from our troubles. I'm not saying every game should be like a Three Stooges episode, but fun and entertainment should take precedence over seriousness. If a game can deliver on both of those points and still convey a serious message I have no problem with it, but I don't think a game can use that as an excuse as to why it isn't fun.

Derpy2200d ago

I've been wondering the same thing my self lately. While I enjoy a serious deep thought provoking story as much as the next person, I also enjoy a lighthearted comedic romp as well. It seems like the latter is becoming more and more scarce, at least on the console front anyway.