Flight Sims: The Lost Genre? A BnBGaming Podcast

We take to the skies as our panel discusses the somewhat absent video game genre of flight sims.

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Yi-Long2259d ago

... how so many great genre's have pretty much 'died out' the last couple of years, for reasons which are still quite unclear to me.

The side-scrolling 2D platformer luckily seems to have made a modest return, but genres like 'Sim City' (builders), flight sims, scrolling beat 'm ups, and more, seem to have vanished.

With todays technology and opportunities through online play, it still amazes me that Sony or MS isn't bringing out a cool HUGE open world flying game where you have your own avatar and go out and enjoy yourself flying around, having your own airstrip and homebase, and meet other player sonline for cool races and dogfights and photography missions etc etc. Maybe mix it up with Modnation Racers' mod abilities to really create your own plane and airport etc.

The potential is so huge.