NPD Tallies US Game Revenue in Dec 11', Annually: Consoles Dead in Dec

NPD has announced December 2011 and total annual figures for the US video game market. Starting with the overall totals:

Total figures for 2011 were $17.0b, down 11% from $18.6b in 2010. Yearly hardware declined to $5.6b from $6.3b, another drop of 11%. Software fell 6%, to $8.8b from $9.4b, even with HD software growing by 9% on a revenue basis from 2010 to 2011. Given that total hardware grew by almost 30m units in 2011 to an already huge installed base across the seven video game machines, its pretty impressive that there was still a decline. The HD market is still a bit healther for software but in absolute terms the combined X360 + PS3 bases grew by roughly 35% from 2010 to 2011, and software grew by much less than that. In previous years the growth has tracked much more similarly. Accessories also fell to $2.6b from almost $3.0b in 2010, yet another 11% drop.

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Titanz2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Though they have to sell respectable numbers to push hardware sales.

GraveLord2103d ago

Your disagree fairies are Xbox fanboys.

tonywood2103d ago

Where did the writer of this article get his/her weed from? People talking like the reported numbers are bad...whatever. these consoles been out 5-6 years now...maybe people looking for new tech, obviously this article hasent taken this into account.

drsnobby2102d ago

How dare this artcle bare the NPD logo and has VG charts as its source.the most shameful part of this artcle is its spectulation about gaming revenue as a whole for 2011.

anyone care to have a civil debate about the US #'s feel free to do so.lets start telling the truth even though it hurts sometime.

Cueil2102d ago

dude are you on crack? Who cares who reports the issue and the only place that does any kind of number crunching is VGChartz so it's not like there is another source for the information