Club Nintendo finally doesn't suck

Club Nintendo used to suck, but now the big N is giving away free games and your hard earned coins finally have a practical purpose.

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lorianguy2323d ago

Personally I think it's great.the amount of "free" stuff I've acquired over the years from them is immense. It's pretty cool merchandise too.

I say "free" because I have spent a lot of money on the Nintendo products the coins came from.

bergoo2322d ago

I agree, and I don't know why people dont. I buy at least 3-5 nintendo games a year and get something pretty cool for free each year. This year I picked a set of 3 posters, and im eligible for the elite prize because i bought a 3DS & I took my sisters Wii registration (lol!)

banjadude2322d ago

I should do that too (my sister is oblivious to these Nintendo stuff, even though she owns a DS and 3DS), lol!

pat_11_52322d ago

It's nice to finally see some concrete games though.