10 Games That Need To Be Made Into An Adult Film

Gaming and porn have a storied history, so we had to make our own gaming-equivalent pr0n parody wish list. And so Complex Magazine put together a list of 10 games that need to be given the XXX treatment.

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Valenka2291d ago

Silent Hill is already a film, and honestly, some games just shouldn't be made as films. Leave them alone.

RogueCheddar2290d ago

Okay Valenka, but I think you missed the point..

Valenka2290d ago

Are you suggesting they actually make a film that follows the games' story? Yeah, that I agree with.

Valenka2290d ago

Wow. Some people need a life.

acemonkey2290d ago

lol at bio lol.....but some of these movies already spoofs

Krew_922290d ago

ROFL. Ass Effect, good one.

KrimsonKody2289d ago

Nice piece (...the article, that is...sigh)

I thought it was pretty funny. I liked all the innuendos thrown in there.
The Skyrimming & money shots joke was hilarious!

Mister_G2285d ago

Can you imagine Dark Souls as a movie?

Some guy dying over and over again, in slightly different ways, fighting a boss.

That would probably be quite dull.