Call to Arms! Starhawk Public Beta Begins Tuesday, January 17th

Harvard Bonin of PS Blog: "This past November and December we conducted our Private Beta for Starhawk. It was incredibly valuable to our team at LightBox and SCEA Santa Monica. We really appreciate all of the time that players have spent uncovering bugs and glitches, we would have never been able to find this many of them without real-world gameplay. The Beta effort has been a true partnership with our community so we humbly thank you all. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to progress to the next chapter in the development of the game: the Public Beta!"

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Sizzon2288d ago

Can't wait, wasn't in the private beta.

StrongMan2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Dude, you missed out. Starhawk is AWESOME! I was addicted to the private beta and almost cried when it was over. Trust me, if you like Warhawk you'll loved Starhawk. The Build & Battle system is amazing and opens up all kinds of strategy. Teamwork is a must in this game.

princejb1342287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

speak for yourself, i loved warhawk and have been dissapointed with the starhawk beta
they need to fix the flight control back to how warhawk had it
the shield you can build is so unbalanced since enemies can shoot you from inside the shield but you cant shoot back at them
i also believe the build system sounds good on paper but when actually put into use its unbalanced since people put like 20 turrets around the flag making it almost impossible to get it
i know im gonna get dissagrees for this but just wanted to point out my opinion

brodychet2287d ago

@princejb134, but overall did you have fun?

I gave you thumbs up because that sounds like a frustrating experience, sounds very real.

StrongMan2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


LBI already stated that they will be giving the option to have the old Warhawk flight controls.

I disagree that the shield is unbalanced. Without the shield enemies can drop a bunker close by and blow up your structures with unlimited rpg rockets inside those bunkers. Besides, the shield is easy enough to destroy once you get near it.

Putting 20 turrets around a flag is a valid strategy. You're supposed to make it "impossible" for your flag to be captured. Turrets can be taken out easily as well.

But to each their own. Nothing wrong with you not liking it.

Sizzon2287d ago

Sweet :) yea I think its awesome, really liked warhawk.

princejb1342287d ago

no brodychet i didnt have fun

yea strongmani saw the old warhawk control options in the settings but it wasnt available to choose in the beta
hopefully it does bring it back like the old warhawk days including hovering

the shield is unbalanced why not make it by it can be weakened enough to destroy it by shooting at it enough times from the outside, rather than trying to rush in there only for your car or warhawk to be shot at by a bunch of turrets and dying

and if its impossible to capture the objective wheres the fun at in that if your gonna keep repetitively dying trying to do the objective

ShoryukenII2287d ago

The beta was pretty chaotic. I'm surprised that this game is 32 players. The beta was limited to only 16 and it was nuts. Every game was different. I would have some matches where my entire team and I would not leave are base at the start until we had a huge continuous wall surrounding our base.

Then we put in the essentials: Hawk spawn, jet pack spawn, vehicle spawn, gigantic bubble and turrets to protect our base. One issue that I came across was an item limit which is understandable. I really appreciate the server browser though. The servers appear to be extremely customizable and I beleive that I can increase the limit of things to build.

There was one other problem. When I fly in my Hawk and want to switch weapons, I have to use the directional pad's diagonals which is hard for me since I am still learning to fly. It needs to be more like switching weapons in Red Dead Redemption.

Overall, I think the game is extremely fun and better than almost every shooter last year (probably the best this year). A true third person shooter. I say that because Uncharted 3 isn't. I mean that it isn't true third person because you can only see up to the back of the character's butt (no lower) and you can't watch your back as you sprint. In StarHawk, sprint is infinite and you can move the camera (which zooms out)as you sprint.

urgentfury2287d ago


I can understand your frustrations, I can tell you that a couple of nade will destroy the shield generator.

But as StrongMan mentioned, team work will make a huge difference in this game and as it stands getting your team all on the same side is not really set up yet.

BkaY2287d ago

it was fun... i was in top 10 through out the beta.... and let me tell you this. if you know what you are doing and plan ahead.. you will own no matter what.. hell i rip my enemy base into shreds with just repair tool... it was so much fun... and buy a mic before you buy this game.. teamwork is the key... when your team is good in communication then you can capture 3 or 5 flag in 6 mins of so... i have done it countless time...

UrgentFury's servers are always good competition. props to you bro...

hate hate hate the flight controls... i am proflight in warhawk and starhawk proflight sux donkeys ball... and hawks/mechs were unbalanced till the end of the beta... /end rant about the hawk...


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guitarded772287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I was in the private beta and the game plays excellent. It's a Warhawk game for sure, but feels like a Star Wars Battlefront game in the basic controls. The map I experienced seemed a little big, but it's a must for vehicles. I'm excited for the game, but it has a bigger learning curve than the previous title.

metsgaming2287d ago

feels like star wars battlefront ? You better not be joking !!!!!!!! I Will be playing the beta for sure but now that you said that my expectations went higher ! The gameplay in BF was amazing and if this is similar i will love it.

guitarded772287d ago

@ metsgaming
I'm a huge STBF fan and a Warhawk fan... I'll just say this is the closest thing to Battlefront we're gonna see for a while. I'm really hoping for a SWBF3 announcement soon (been waiting patiently for 5 years), but until then, Starhawk is the next best thing. Starhawk added the RTS element to it, but it's kinda fun (hence the bigger learning curve I was talking about). I haven't got to play a full round where everyone knows what they're doing yet, because there's so much depth compared to Warhawk.

brodychet2287d ago

I'm actually overly excited for this. Had Warhawk for years and played it less than frequently. Mostly because everyone else was such a god at that game, except me. But dammit I enjoyed that game even if I was doing bad. Which isn't likely with me. Yey Starhawkz.

BoNeSaW232287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The Private Beta was coming along great I thought. Updates and balances weekly was Awesome! Now that we are gonna have thousands of more players I hope LightBox will be able to keep up with bugs and balancing.

I can't wait to see what they implemented into the Public Beta. I know Classic Warhawk Flight Controls will be back(HELL YEAH!)missed those alot! I can't wait!

See you guys in Space!

NotSoSilentBob2287d ago

Now this really makes me want to skip work Tuesday/Wes due to the Starhawk open beta and the new GT5 DLC.